Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Panlatin support

You can ask questions about Panlatin browser extension here. In the past months, few questions arrived into different places. This is now the preferred place to ask a question.


  1. Is it possible to turn off the yellow highlight for Chinese pinyin when the position is set to above? (i.e. as in the the screen shot from your Google+ below)

    Thank you


    1. I uploaded a new version 2.3. In the options for the Chinese language, there is new selection Style with possibilities Plain, Dark and Light. That yellow highlight is now under the Light style. On the pages with mixed light and dark background, you can best use Plain style.

  2. Right now not. The screenshot appears to be from one of the earlier versions.

    The closest you can get is to use newly introduced "after" position that shows the same translations (as the "above" position) after the word, without any highlighting.

    I know, yellow background can be bad when mixed with dark background of a page. I'll try to make it configurable.

  3. Hello!
    First of all, thanks for this great extension... I'm a Chinese language student and this tool is great for adding Pinyin to characters.
    On Firefox mobile for Android, once update to 2.2, the custom dictionary tab disappeared. When I click custom dictionary from options, the browser opens a white page with just the heading "Panlatin Dictionaries, Language: ZH" without any table or list for words.
    Do you think this can be fixed?
    Thanks for helping.

    from Italy

  4. Hi Luca, I installed Firefox to my phone and there I can't see your problem. Let's see if we can get your android working.

    Have you already tried to delete extension (not only disble, to delete completely) and install it again? There might be problems during upgrade from the previous version.

    Then there are questions that can help find out what's wrong. Which version of android and Firefox do you use? What device do you use?

  5. Hi!
    Thanks for the tip! Deleting an reinstalling solved the problem. And introducing the option to give priorities to dictionary is a great thing! Now the custom dictionary is used during the transliteration process.
    Thanks a lot!


  6. Hi! This is to point a minor bug and ask a question.

    Bug is about dictionary priority. I need Chinese pinyin and I have added to custom dictionary several Chinese characters that in the standard one have uncommon pinyin transliteration. I have ranked the custom dictionary above the default one but when I open the web page I see the standard transliteration. I must open the options, move the custom dictionary down and up again and then, reloading the page, I have the custom transliteration correctly. Is there a way to fix this?

    The question is: is there a way to show words meaning even on Android devices? I mean through touching the words on the display.

    I use firefox mobile 58.0.1 on galaxy tab s2 T715 with android 6.0.1

    Thanks a lot for helping!


    1. Luca, thanks for the report. I'm sorry, I'm rather busy these weeks. I expect that I have improvement in a month or so.

    2. Hello!
      Any news about the custom dictionary bug? I don't want to make pressure, just ask if you plan some fix in a near future...


    3. Hi Luka, I just published a new version 2.3. This bug should be fixed now, together with few other changes.

      There's now also an option "Clicking shows translation from dictionary" that enables displaying of translations on tablets and phones. The display is still sometimes bad, e.g. when clicking on wikipedia section titles. But baidubaike seems to be well.

    4. Luca, I tested displaying descriptions on 5 inch phone in Chinese wikipedia with Firefox and the extension. With the position=after and style=light or dark, it displayed the texts well.

      Happy summer reading, Jože

  7. Truly, one of the best things in my life. Makes living in China insanely better.
    I can easily consult all pronunciations I don't know. Magical.

    A little request to the author: can I ask for a one more simple feature? I'm already quite good with many characters, and I would like to selectively hide pronunciations. Maybe I could just write down a list of character-pronunciation pairs, or Alt-click a character. Or, maybe just hide the pronunciations of, say, all HSK1 characters? They are easy, and I most probably know them, and if I don't then I can easily spot them. Or, maybe, paint HSK-level characters pinyin differently? Say, there are 6 levels, almost enough for rainbow-colours, with black left for non-standard characters.

    I found this repo: https://github.com/juozhe/panlatin , but it is empty.

  8. Hi,

    I would like to have the romanization above chinese characters, but without the translation. Is this possible?

  9. Diacritics in greek are not working properly. Please fix this.
    Some examples: ὦ ἐ ό ά ὅ