Monday, April 24, 2017

Panlatin browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

So you know a bit of many languages and you don't have time to be really fluent?
While reading the web, the computer can assist in presenting the texts in Latin letters. Also, experimental display of the pronouncing details for languages with Latin letters is added.

The extension is described in two posts.

The web extension is available for Chrome and Firefox browers. Click the names of the browsers to get to their web stores.

There is a dedicated support page for questions, please ask questions there.

Jože Fabčič


  1. Hello. It is a great tool!
    Only lacks one feature: The arabic vowels. The text is a total mess when it has arabic vowels. Hard to read.
    I mean these added "letters"

    An example text:

    إنَّه القادِر عَلى كُل شَيْء وَخالِق جَميع الأشْياء

  2. Hi, I uploaded new version (2.1) with improved Arabic. Your example is now transliterated to
    ʼānnah ālqādir ʻalá kul šaīʼ ūaḵāliq jamīʻ ālʼāšīāʼ
    ʼānnah ālqādir ʻalá kul shaīʼ ūakhāliq jamīʻ ālʼāshīāʼ
    depending on romanization system.

    If you have any more questions, please post them on the support page as mentioned above.